Spotify Premium MOD APK Download v8.10.9.722 (Fully Unlocked)

Download the Spotify Premium mod apk and appreciate boundless music without any advertisement intrusion. Spotify Premium MOD APK permits you to enjoy:

  • Unlimited Music skips
  • No Ads
  • Plays Any Music
  • No constrained shuffling
  • Offline Music Download
  • Offline Tuning in Experience
  • Premium Sound Quality
  • Note: Spotify Mod apk presently bolsters offline tuning in and downloading music. Check out the total utilization direct below.

    App NameSpotify Premium MOD
    App Size79 MB
    DeveloperSpotify Ltd
    RequirementsAndroid 4.4 & up
    Last Updated1 Min Ago

    Download Spotify Premium

    Premium Highlights Not Working?

    If you are incapable to get premium highlights with this modded app, at that point if you don’t mind attempt these options:

  • Delete the unique adaptation of the app.
  • Download and Introduce Spotify mod from this page.
  • Login to your account.
  • If you do not see premium highlights, go to Spotify app settings, drive Halt the app, clear the cache, clear the information, and revive the app.
  • About Spotify Premium Version

    We know Spotify free gets irritating since of restrictions like restricted melody skips, low-quality music, and numerous advertisements. But you don’t have to stress anymore!

    You can utilize the Spotify premium mod opened form and get nearly all the premium highlights without paying anything.

    Spotify mod will open all the premium highlights, counting boundless skips, playing any tune from the playlist, boundless rearrange, and blocking all advertisements. You can too utilize the look for bar too.

    How do you download the Spotify Premium for Android?

    You can download the most recent Spotify app for your Android smartphone and tablet gadgets from the joins at the best of this page.

    Our group altogether checks the Spotify Premium shared with you; it’s free from infections, confirmed, secure, and secure to install.

    We always overhaul this page with the most recent form, so if you need to have the most current form, we prescribe you bookmark this page.

    Did you know you can presently get Spotify for free on Android, computers, and other portable gadgets, counting iPhone, Mac OS, and Windows PC? Learn more with our extreme guide.

    How to Introduce the Premium Mod App?

    Here is a total step-by-step direct to help you with the downloading and establishment handle of Spotify on Android:

  • Download the most recent form of Spotify Premium apk from the interface at the beat of the page.
  • Tap on the downloaded record to start the establishment. The record will be named
  • Depending on the form of Android OS running on your phone, you may see a caution message that says, “For your security, your phone is not permitted to introduce obscure apps from this source.” Tap on the Settings button.
  • Allow establishment from Obscure Sources: A unused menu will open with an choice that says, Permit from this source. If it’s not too much trouble tap on the flip switch right following to it to empower the installation.
  • Install The App: Presently, go back to the establishment screen. You will see a list of all the consents required by the app (in case there are any). Tap on the Introduce button.
  • Open The App: Tap on the Open button to dispatch the Spotify Premium app.
  • Sign in to your Spotify account: To sign in to your account, you must utilize your Spotify accreditations, i.e., your mail address and watchword. If you don’t as of now have an account, we prescribe you make one. Something else, you can too utilize the Facebook Interface option.
  • After you get logged in to your account, you ought to be able to appreciate the premium highlights. Premium highlights incorporate playing music from any playlist, boundless skips, high-resolution gushing, and an ad-free tuning in experience.

    If premium highlights are not working, near the app, “Constrain Halt” it from the app settings, and open the app. (You may require to do this twice to enact the premium)

    If you are incapable to log in to your account, we prescribe you check the FAQs segment at the conclusion of this article. There, we have a investigating direct to offer assistance you settle all the known issues.

    Key Highlights of Spotify Mod

    The Spotify Premium mod offers numerous highlights that you will never be able to discover in the free adaptation. Thomas (AC Mods), MrDude, Balatan, and xC3FF0E created this mod.

    Here in this segment, we are going to share all the subtle elements around what perspectives are modded by the dev team:

  • Unlocked Spotify Interface: Spotify Interface is opened, so you can log in or sign up for the Spotify account utilizing your Facebook account for speedy access.
  • Visual Advertisements Blocked: All show advertisements are blocked.
  • Audio Advertisements Blocked: Sound notices habitually hinder the music encounter and break the energy; the modded form too evacuates those ads.
  • Seeking Empowered: The premium mod permits you to look for the music playback bar and lets you play any portion of the melody, no matter how numerous times you need to listen.
  • Select and Play Any Melody or Collection: This is the extreme capacity to unlimitedly select and play any collection or music from any collection without being inquired around obtaining the premium plan.
  • Unlimited Rearrange: Spotify Free gives you a rearrange music playing involvement as it were, but you can utilize boundless rearrange and play any melody from the list with the Spotify Premium mod.
  • Ability To Select Any Tune: The mod permits you to select and play any melody or piece, whether from an collection or through an craftsman page.
  • Extreme Sound Opened: Spotify has this highlight to select between sound playback qualities; the mod opens it and lets you play in the highest-quality sound format.
  • Repeats Empowered: The free won’t let you rehash music. With the Premium mod, you can utilize the rehash include to tune in to your favorite soundtrack without rehashed interaction.
  • Canvas Empowered: Spotify’s unused Canvas highlight is incredible for craftsmen. They can include the collection craftsmanship with a brief video or liveliness, which proceeds to play if the client is in the now-playing segment whereas playing music.
  • Storyline Empowered: The Spotify Storyline highlight permits you to feel more associated with the craftsman whereas playing the music, as it appears experiences and verses of the music right now playing.
  • Support for Subject: The mod permits you to adjust the app’s see and feel with custom-designed themes.
  • Disabled/Removed Undesirable Consents, Collectors, and Administrations: The app contained numerous undesirable collectors, administrations, and authorizations that over-burden the framework and expended the battery. All were evacuated and disabled.
  • Analytics/Crash Reports Crippled: Spotify, by default, produces expository and crash reports based on your app utilization; the said include has been crippled to decrease memory utilization by the apps.
  • Download Music from Spotify

    Do you need to download music from Spotify for the extreme offline song-listening experience?

    There is an open-source app called SpotiFlyer. It permits you to download music in MP3 organize for offline tuning in without restrictions. There is no require to get the mod adaptation for this app. You can download as numerous music, playlists, and collections as possible.

    It is an easy-to-use app that permits you to download an whole collection with a tap!

    Paid Highlights of Spotify

    With the Spotify Premium app, you can appreciate all the paid highlights without paying a penny, and we will direct you around that in a while.

    Here are a few of the interesting Spotify Premium highlights you can enjoy:

  • Download Music And Offline Tuning in – You can download your entirety playlist (restricted to 3,333 tracks) and tune in to it indeed when you are some place without dynamic Web network. Offline tuning in makes a difference you spare a noteworthy sum of Web information and bandwidth.
  • Best Sound Quality – Each soundtrack is accessible in three qualities, i.e., Ordinary, Tall, and Extraordinary. The extraordinary quality is known as Premium, in which the music is played at 320Kbps, making your music encounter more pleasant and immersive.
  • Zero Commercials – You can tune in to your favorite music and soundtracks without seeing a single commercial or promotion, counting expelling sound and visual advertisements. So, there will be zero interference in your music tuning in experience.
  • Play Any Soundtrack – The Freemium adaptation avoids you from skipping the track. But with the premium, you will pick up more control over the player as it empowers you to play any music you need at whatever point you need without any confinements. Fair discover and play.
  • Unlimited Music Skips – Presently, you don’t have to hold up for the music to conclusion since you can skip the current melody any time you need and begin tuning in to the following soundtrack on your playlist.
  • Seeking Empowered – The look for bar empowers you to rewind and forward to effectively select, select, and play any particular portion of the music, podcast, or soundtrack.
  • Unlimited Rearrange – Yes, the Freemium adaptation limits you to rearranging and permits you to not play any soundtrack you need from the playlist. But with the Premium, you will get boundless shuffle.
  • Save Capacity Space – By gushing your favorite music and soundtracks online from Spotify’s servers, you can spare a noteworthy sum of capacity space on your gadget. In any case, gushing music will devour a few of your Web information, so be astute whereas traveling or absent from WiFi network to spare transmission capacity.
  • Spotify Premium vs. Free: Which one ought to you choose?

    Spotify has gotten to be one of the best music spilling administrations. It is well known for giving an fabulous online music benefit that permits you to tune in to any music you want.

    The Spotify Freemium form gives you get to to all music and offers:

  • Unlimited tuning in time
  • Provides a essential set of features
  • Shows advertisements
  • It does not permit you to download music for offline listening
  • The quality of the soundtrack is 128kbps
  • However, with Spotify Premium, you will get an interruption-free music tuning in involvement as well as the following:

  • No ads
  • Blocked sound advertisements and video ads
  • Ability to download music for offline listening
  • Play music and melodies in amazingly tall quality, i.e., 320kbps
  • Option to look for, rewind, and forward soundtracks
  • You can rearrange melodies an boundless number of times
  • Get boundless skips
  • The music rehash alternative is unlocked
  • You get to play any melody you need from any playlist
  • It is fundamental to say that a few server-side highlights cannot be modded and require a paid Spotify subscription.
  • Why is Spotify Way better than Other Music Gushing Apps?

    Spotify is one of the most well known music spilling apps on the showcase, advertising clients different highlights to appreciate their favorite music.

    It permits clients to stream millions of tunes, collections, and playlists from their favorite specialists and find unused music through the app’s curated playlists and personalized recommendations.

    The music spilling benefit too incorporates social highlights that permit you to take after your companions and see what music they are tuning in to. Additionally, it will empower you to spare music offline, so you can get to it indeed when you do not have internet.

    In expansion to the broad music library, it moreover offers podcasts and audiobooks, giving clients more choices to tune in to their favorite substance. It highlights a large number of alternatives for customizing the client involvement, counting the capacity to alter the sound quality and make and spare custom playlists.

    Furthermore, the app offers a premium membership choice that opens extra highlights, such as ad-free tuning in, made strides sound quality, and downloading music and playlists for offline playback.

    Overall, Spotify gives a comprehensive and helpful way to tune in to your favorite music and find unused music.

    With its tremendous music library, social highlights, customization alternatives, and premium membership, Spotify is the best choice for music streaming.

    Alternative Music Spilling Apps

    If you do not like paying for Spotify and require something else, check out these administrations. They are the best elective options.

  • SoundCloud is an great alternative for those who need to find modern music. It has a expansive community of autonomous craftsmen and makers who transfer their music to the stage. And the most energizing thing is that SoundCloud is about free.
  • Apple Music is an great choice for clients, as it coordinating consistently with other gadgets and administrations. It has a tremendous music library, counting elite substance from Apple Music artists.
  • YouTube Music is a great choice for those who as of now utilize YouTube, as it permits you to tune in to music recordings and live exhibitions in expansion to normal sound tracks.
  • Amazon Music is a great alternative for Amazon Prime individuals, as it incorporates a free level with get to to millions of melodies. It too offers a paid level with highlights like high-quality sound spilling and offline listening.
  • Deezer is a lesser-known gushing benefit, but it has numerous highlights that make it worth considering, such as high-resolution sound and the capacity to make your custom radio stations.
  • Tidal is a great choice for audiophiles. It offers high-fidelity sound spilling and elite substance from a few celebrated artists.
  • Pandora is a great choice for those who need to tune in to personalized radio stations. It offers different highlights, such as the capacity to skip tracks and make custom stations.
  • Bandcamp is a great alternative for those who need to back free specialists. It permits you to buy and download music straightforwardly from the artists.
  • is a great choice for those who need to track their tuning in propensities and find modern music. It offers personalized suggestions and playlists.
  • Common Issues & Their Solutions

    1. Spotify logged me out consequently and did not let me log in. What is the issue?

    All you require to do is clear the cache and information of the Spotify app and at that point utilize any VPN app to bypass the login problem.

    In case you didn’t get it, at that point take after this basic step-by-step instructional exercise below:

  • On your Android, go to Settings and tap on Apps
  • In the list of apps, see for Spotify and tap it
  • Under the Spotify app data page, tap on Storage
  • Tap on the clear information and clear cache choice to reset the Spotify app (critical step)
  • A popup message will show up. Tap Delete
  • Download a VPN app and empower VPN (utilize ‘United States as a VPN location)
  • Launch Spotify and log in utilizing your accreditations. Once you are effectively logged in, you can cripple the VPN.
  • 2. Why can’t I login to the Spotify Premium mod app utilizing Facebook Connect?

    Spotify mod some of the time meddling with the Facebook app introduced on your Android and appears a login blunder: “there is an blunder in logging you into this app. If you don’t mind attempt once more later.”

    Here is a speedy and basic workaround:

  • Uninstall or impair the Facebook app on your Android device.
  • Open the Spotify app and press on Proceed with the Facebook button.
  • A Facebook login page will show up; enter your account accreditations and tap on sign-in. And you will log in to your account.
  • You can presently open the Play Store, download and introduce the Facebook app once more, and log in to your Facebook account.
  • Frequently Inquired Questions(FAQ’s)

    Spotify is not authoritatively accessible in my nation. How can I bypass nation restrictions?

    First, download and introduce the Spotify Premium mod on your Android utilizing the abovementioned instructional exercise. At that point, head to our step-by-step direct here, which will offer assistance you expel nation confinements and utilize Spotify Premium for free on Android.

    What is Spotify Premium mod Apk, and how does it work?

    Spotify Premium is a adjusted and opened form of the unique Spotify app. It opens all the premium highlights on Android gadgets without requiring an boundless subscription.

    Is the Spotify mod form safe?

  • Yes, it is totally secure to download, introduce, and utilize the Spotify Premium mod apk on Android devices.
  • We perform exhaustive tests on Android apps to check for infections and malevolent codes. The Spotify opened app is totally secure from infections and security issues.
  • Why am I incapable to skip tunes on Spotify and don’t have boundless skips?

  • It more often than not happens when you as of now have an official Spotify app introduced on your Android gadget, and at that point you attempt to introduce the mod form on beat of it.
  • The as it were way to settle this is to uninstall the unique Spotify app from your gadget, at that point download the Spotify mod app from the connect at the starting of this article and do a new establishment. We as of now have a point by point establishment instructional exercise above.
  • Why is Spotify inquiring me to update to Premium when downloading music?

  • Spotify offers two account sorts, i.e., Free and Premium. Highlights like offline tuning in, music, and collection downloading are server-sided and straightforwardly connected to your Spotify account type.
  • If you have a free Spotify account but utilize the mod app as a bypass to appreciate premium highlights, you won’t be able to download any music. You require a premium account, as well, to open offline tuning in and downloading.
  • How much does it fetched to get Spotify Premium for a year?

    If you need to buy Spotify Premium, it will fetched you $9.99 month to month. The understudy participations fetched $4.99. A few extraordinary offers and markdown bargains too allow you the to begin with three months of membership for beneath $3.99.

    Can it hurt my device?

    No, we do cautious checks some time recently advertising any apk.

    How do I get Spotify Premium APK?

    You can download the most recent adaptation and introduce it on your phone. At that point, wham, you’ll have premium highlights for free.

    End Notes

    So, there you have it! You can presently appreciate all the benefits of Spotify Premium for free. With the modded form, you can get to boundless music gushing and downloads without intrusion or advertisements. All in all, this is a awesome way to spare cash whereas still getting a charge out of your favorite tunes. So go ahead and take advantage of this incredible opportunity whereas it lasts!

    Please feel free to take off your inquiry in the comments segment underneath If your address is not replied in this area over.